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Smart Campo

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The Smart Campo® mobile app is an innovative way to help farmers make decisions based on weather and climate information.

Farmers can check current weather conditions in Paraguay and Paraná, Brazil from available stations to obtain updates on:

  • Rainfall
  • Air temperature and growing degree days
  • Cumulative temperature
  • Accumulated chill hours
  • Extreme weather events

They can also generate custom reports of farms and fields based on planting date, soil texture and irrigation practices, including information about:

  • Total and daily average rainfall since planting
  • Mean value of the reference index for agricultural drought(ARID)
  • Total reference evapotranspiration(ETo)
  • Mean maximum and minimum air temperatures
  • Cumulative degree days(Tbase=10°C)
  • Extreme events: days with a maximum above 35°C, minimum less than 0°C and number of days with extreme rainfall

Farmers may also choose to receive or not daily or weekly notifications with weather conditions observed in their fields. Smart Campo® is available for iOS(iPhone) and Android phones anc can be downloaded form App Store and Google Play.

El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) forecast

Current forecast period: September, October and November